Klemme's Wagon Wheel

A Family-Owned Restaurant since 1972

Howards Grove, WI


Klemme's Wagon Wheel is a family restaurant located in Howards Grove, WI. Known for broasted chicken, fish fry, steaks, homemade soups and desserts! Banquet space available. 



All Wagon Wheel dinners include salad bar, choice of potato, and dinner rolls. 

Choice of potato:  French fries, sweet potato fries, broasted potatoes, hash browns, or a baked potato

Specialty Dinners

Broasted Chicken - 4 pieces   $11.50

Broasted Chicken - 2 pieces(Choice of white or dark meat)   $9.75

Grilled Chicken Breast   $11.20

Broasted Chicken - 2 pieces and 1/2 Rack of Ribs  $15.20

*Choice of white or dark meat and sweet or spicy sauce

Barbeque Ribs - Full Rack  $17.20

Barbeque Ribs - Half Rack  $13.45

Broasted Pork Chops (2)   $13.95

Broasted Pork Chop  $11.50

Ham Steak  $13.50

Seafood Dinners

Mock Lobster  $14.50

Baked Salmon with Lemon Pepper  $14.50

Baked Haddock $14.50

Haddock (Deep Fried)  $12.95

Shrimp (Deep Fried) $13.50

Scallops (Deep Fried)  $13.95

Canadian Perch (Deep Fried)  $17.25

Wall-Eye Pike (Deep Fried)  $13.95

Blue Gill (Deep Fried) $16.50

Seafood Dinner (includes shrimp, scallops, perch or pike)  $18.75

Wisconsin Style Surf and Turf – A juicy 10 ounce sirloin covered in melted Wisconsin mozzarella and parmesan cheeses and served with five sautéed garlic shrimp.  Includes salad bar and choice of potato.  $17.50

Six sautéed garlic shrimp  $10.25

*Includes salad bar and choice of potato or rice

Steak Dinners

Prime Rib (16 oz.)  $24.25

Petite Rib (12 oz.)  $21.25

Ribeye (16 oz.)  $24.25

Petite Ribeye (10 oz.)  $21.25

Porterhouse (18 oz.)  $21.50

Filet (10 oz.)  $17.95

Petite Filet (6 oz.)  $13.75

Open Face Tenderloin (Served on a Hard Roll)  $13.75

Chopped Sirloin (10 oz.)  $11.75

     *Optional fried mushrooms & onions - $2.00

Sirloin (10 oz.)  $15.50

Steak (6 oz.) & Shrimp $16.95

Steak (6 oz.) & Scallops $16.95



**Salad bar not included in Wagon Wheel plates

For plates with a choice of potato:  French fries, sweet potato fries, broasted potatoes, hash browns, or a baked potato 

Broasted chicken basket (4 pieces)          $8.75  (White meat $1.00 extra)

*Includes:  Choice of potato and coleslaw

Broasted chicken basket (2 pieces)          $7.75 (Choice of white or dark meat)

*Includes:  Choice of potato and coleslaw

Chicken strips     $6.25

*Includes:  Choice of potato

Sirloin (10 oz.)    $13.50

*Includes:  Choice of potato

Chopped sirloin                $9.50

*Add fried mushrooms and onions for $2.00

Ham steak           $10.25

*Includes:  Choice of potato

Shrimp plate       $10.50

*Includes:  Choice of potato

Scallops plate     $10.95

*Includes:  Choice of potato and coleslaw

Haddock plate   $9.95

*Includes:  Choice of potato and coleslaw

Perch plate         $13.25

*Includes:  Choice of potato and coleslaw

Pike plate            $11.20

*Includes:  Choice of potato and coleslaw

Blue Gill plate            $12.50

*Includes:  Choice of potato and coleslaw

Chicken or Shrimp Alfredo           $14.75

Served with broccoli and mushrooms, includes soup or salad

Chicken or Shrimp stir-fry             $11.25

Served with rice and includes a cup of soup


*Add fried onions on any sandwich for$0.25

Steak     $4.95

Tenderloin          $7.95

Prime Rib             $10.25

Klemme's Philly Cheese Steak     $10.25

   *Served with Swiss cheese, fried mushrooms, and onions

Butterfly Pork Chop        $5.20

Hamburger         $3.25

7 oz. Hamburger $5.95, $7.95 with french fries

Cheeseburger   $3.45

Grilled chicken breast     $4.95

     *Served with lettuce, mayo, and tomato

Grilled cheese   $2.50

Perch    $6.25

Pike       $5.00

Haddock              $4.25

Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich  $5.95

      *Add salad bar for $3.00 for all sandwiches except grilled cheese, hamburger, and cheeseburger


Cheese and Sausage               $6.00 (9”)             $7.25 (12”)

Cheese and Pepperoni             $6.00 (9”)             $7.25 (12”)

Cheese                                     $5.00 (9”)             $6.00 (12”)


Side Orders

Appetizer platter:  Two chicken strips, eight cheese nuggets, five onion rings, three mozzarella sticks, three mini tacos, and three jalapeno cheese poppers$9.95

French Fries            $2.50

Sweet Potato Fries  $2.50

Broasted potatoes   $2.50

Baked potato           $2.50

Hash browns           $2.50

Onion rings              $3.50

Cheese nuggets      $3.75

Sauteed mushrooms      $4.50

Mini tacos      $4.00

Soups and Salad

Baked Onion Soup              $3.00 (cup)          $3.75 (bowl)

Cream Soup                        $3.00 (cup)          $3.50 (bowl)

Soup                                    $2.75 (cup)          $3.00 (bowl)

Salad bar              $6.95

Salad     $2.95

Child salad bar (10 and under)    $3.75


Homemade Torte/Pie


Torte or Pie w/Ice Cream


Ice Cream/Sherbet  $2.00

Sundae  $3.00